Saturday, February 11, 2012

Turbo Chicken Head: No Introduction Necessary

...well an introduction might be necessary. Turbo Chicken Head was a band created by DJ Robot Monster, myself, and Alex Armitage in the late 1980's early 90's, we primarily recorded weird triphop on my 4 track!

DJ Robot Monster got the name when he used to drive home from collage. There was a graffitied up overpass in Pennsylvania, on one column it  said "Chickenhead" and the next one it said "Tubro".

Ownership of the name went with DJ Robot Monster, when he joined forces with "The Freak MC's", the band over time consisting of Jason "Johnny Favorite" Carter, Scotty Stapes, Nick Purpura, Chris Miser, David Platt, Mike Dosantos, Mike Russo, Mike Runner, and Ron Hill. I believe all in all, they played 3 or 4 shows in 1992/93.

Turbo Chicken Head: The Maggots Of Time

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