Sunday, February 12, 2012

Garrison. . .an E history. . sort of

Garrison was an experiment from day one that was plagued by my mental instability. The music was a result of my near obsession with Dag Nasty and my new found love for bands like Falling Foward and Guilt. Anthony Pernice was probably on par with the best players ever in terms of his ability to play and I had a handful of songs I wanted to see the light of day.  . .put us together in a room in his parents basement with too much soda, many records (cd's there really), and not enough video games and these things happened. John Lisa and Rob Marinelli were huge in helping us settle down and focus a little in terms of songwriting, and as I didnt think technical playing ability was all that important at this point, when Jay Fergusson joined the band it was probably a sigh of relief for Rob (who always was on me to get tighter as a player) as Jay was a timing machine as a guitar player. Im sure that Joey Martin playing in 26 bands at the time didnt help but the demise of this project was on me. . .I shit the bed with these guys but was fortunately able to reconcile with them at the first Phallacy re-union. Garrison - 1995 to 1997. I have fuuny stories, will post in a "funny tour story" blog

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