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Muddfoot Vintage Live Video's (playlist)

Muddfoot Does Enrage + Kelly Hatch 1994

Muddfoot 2/1/97

Muddfoot 1/31/93 SRO ATOMIC LOVE

Muddfoot at The Palace Of Rock 1/2/93

Muddfoot 7/16/93

Muddfoot 1993

muddfoot churning chunk video 92.mpg

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

KETHER / PROM KING aka The Ben Knight Years

After C.R. broke up I had a cache of songs and nothing to do with them. Over time I wound up playing in a couple of short lived bands with some great people. Ben Knight sang for both of these bands.

KETHER was a chaotic Hardcore band. We only played one show in PA. I played guitar, Ben Knight was on Vocals, and the best rhythm section in Hardcore, Arron and Jeff formerly of The Judas Iscariot (now in Two Man Advantage) on Drums and Bass respectively. Some of the parts of these songs became Celebrity Murders songs years later. I don't remember the song titles .. I think one was Super Buffet and another was Emulate Concrete...but don't hold me to that.

PROM KING was a project I started with Ben Knight and Brian Meehan both on vocals, Dan Crowell on Drums and Chris Russo on Bass. It was sort of a more chaotic Drive Like Jehu vibe. We did a bunch of shows and played on WNYU .. I would love a copy of that tape...This rehearsal is sans Brian, as he was on tour with Milhouse at the time. Again, I don't remember most of the song titles.. There was one called Pipe Bomb Pin Prick and another called How's The Pink Noodle...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Stapes: The Planet Of The Stapes 2012 Remaster

2012 Remaster + 1994 DEAD (original LRM)

Over 40 "Living Room Music" recordings from the singer of Muddfoot.

Also included is the original unmastered version in 1 90 minute mp3.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

STAPES - Live At The SRO 93

STAPES - Recorded live to DAT at the SRO.
by Ron Hill and Alex Armitage
Mastered By Alex Armitage from DAT

HD Resolution FLAC.files available by request. Hit me up on Facebook @ WorldsGreatestSinner

01 The Stapes Of Wrath
02 Magic Whores Never Lie
03 dedication I
04 Punk Rock Hero
05 Dedication II
06 Babylon
07 Need My Poppie
08 And I'm Nice Too!
09 Eat It
10 Stapes Gets The Luv At The SRO
11 Suck My Balls
12 Big Night At The SRO
13 Riot On Staten Island


FILTER (aka Infind) - Live At The SRO 94

FILTER (AKA INFIND) - Recorded live to DAT at the SRO.
by Ron Hill and Alex Armitage
Mastered By Alex Armitage from DAT

HD Resolution FLAC.files available by request. Hit me up on Facebook @ WorldsGreatestSinner

01 Take cover
02 Crowd
03 To Decide
04 Falling
05 Smile
06 Used


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PURPLE HELMETS - Recorded live to DAT at the SRO.
by Ron Hill and Alex Armitage
Mastered By Alex Armitage from DAT

HD Resolution FLAC.files available by request. Hit me up on Facebook @ WorldsGreatestSinner

01 Crowd I
02 Perfect Day
03 Crowd II
04 The Lovely Indian Couple Over There
05 When It Rains
06 Plugin It
07 Blaine's Waltz
08 Batman Fucked Robin




CANNIBAL OVERDRIVE - Recorded live to DAT at the SRO.
by Ron Hill and Alex Armitage
Mastered By Alex Armitage from DAT

HD Resolution FLAC.files available by request. Hit me up on Facebook @ WorldsGreatestSinner

01 Toad (Of The Desert Sands)
02 Crowd I
03 Waterfly
04 Crowd II
05 Sound Rebounds
06 In Tune With The Audience
07 Fish Fry
08 Hey Ronnie!. Do It Again!
09 Everybody OOO
10 Professional Professionalism
11 Gravity
12 The Crowd Calls For Pie
13 Purple Pieman
14 So Professional It Hurts
15 Bulbous Jelly (Includes Professional Whale Song Breakdown)
16 Whale Song


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

MUDDFOOT - Live At The SRO - 11-19-93

MUDDFOOT - Recorded live to DAT at the SRO.
by Ron Hill and Alex Armitage
Mastered By Alex Armitage from DAT

HD Resolution FLAC.files available by request. Hit me up on Facebook @ WorldsGreatestSinner

01 Squid Intro
02 The Setup
03 One Big Excuse
04 Jades
05 Cuisine
06 Panache
07 Churning Chunk

**Due to technical issues with this performance this show in its entirety could not be salvaged. But we decided to at least post some of the songs that could be. With the blessings of Nick Purpura, We hope you enjoy


Tuesday, March 6, 2012


CANNIBAL OVERDRIVE - Recorded live to DAT at the SRO.
by Ron Hill and Alex Armitage
Mastered By Alex Armitage from DAT

HD Resolution FLAC.files available by request. Hit me up on Facebook @ WorldsGreatestSinner

01 Ron Hill The Corporate Schill
02 Toad (Of The Desert Sands)
03 Purple Pieman
04 Ron Breaks A String
05 Waterfly
06 Ron Hill Hooks A Brother Up
07 Fish Fry
08 Who's YR Bruther!
 09 Gravity
10 All Fruit At The SRO
11 Sounds Rebounds
12 Professionalism Of Another Kind
13 The Mighty Bulbous Jelly (Fuck You)


Bricks, MikeD and Tone - Morning Ritual

A few years ago I went to the studio with Anthony Corallo (Sick of Talk / Disnihil / Sleepwall / Polygon / Sheer Terror / Concrete Cross) and recorded 9 songs. Ron Grimaldi of Leech Implant and Deathcycle is going to record vocals on some of the songs and Bricks Avalon will do the rest. Here is one of the track with Bricks on vocals... he didn't even use a microphone he just screamed at his laptop.. I wish I had that on video

(The painful everyday awakening and realizing you are dying more and more)

I rot.
I decay,
I wither away.
I attempt to wash the pain of the years down the drain.
I wonder. I wish.
How much more time can be explored like this.

Chaos controls this mind, passion is slapped like a piece of shit.
Dreams seem to swirl in a downward spiral, drowning in darkness gone viral.

Flesh wrinkles, memory flushes, aching, aging, slow torture and exiting life.
Strength is dismantled with speed, the rebuilding and maintenance is a
furious fight against time.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Recorded Live to DAT By Ron Hill And Alex Armitage
Mastered by Alex Armitage

HD Resolution FLAC Files Available upon request
hit me up @WorldsGreatestSinner on Facebook

01 5 Minutes Of Your Life You'll Never Get Back
02 Waterfly
03 Fish Fry
04 Farewell And Happy Birthday
05 Cannibal Overdrive
06 Dave Elliott's Contempt
07 One Way Or Another
08 DJ Dave Endorses C.O.
09 Gravity
10 Professionalism
11 Purple Pieman
12 Toad (of The Desert Sands)
13 Bulbous Jelly (Xtra Thick Version)


Monty Love 2nd XMas 2001 Photo Album



Recorded Live To DAT By Ron Hill & Alex Armitage
Mastered By Alex Armitage

HD Resolution FLAC Files Available upon request.
Hit me up @WorldsGreatestSinner on Facebook

01 Intro
02 Some One Has Taken Your Boots
03 Only A Shakedown
04 S.R.O. At The SRO
05 Wolf
06 Riot On Staten Island



MUTT - Recorded live to DAT at the SRO.
by Ron Hill and Alex Armitage
Mastered By Alex Armitage from DAT

HD Resolution FLAC.files available by request. Hit me up on Facebook @ WorldsGreatestSinner

01 Intro
02 Genuine Severed Head
03 Eggz Gives Thanx
04 Top Tomato
05 A Losing Battle
06 Yuck
07 Sphere Of Dali
08 Tunage
09 Medley: A Song With No Name-Battle Hymn-Slowly But Surely


Cradle: what does this make you think of?

Well, makes me think of just how into Indie Pop I was at the time. One of my favorites from the local scene. Someone needs to upload a live video.

Cannibal Overdrive 1.8

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Pledge your Support to WFMU!

Many of you folks have commented in this group on what a huge influenceTerre Cherryblossom Wfmu had on your taste in music. Well, if you'd like to say thanks, tomorrow is the first of two shows she's doing for WFMU's annual fund raising marathon. Tune in tomorrow from 3 to 6 pm at 91.1 on your radio dial or at wfmu.org and donate! Also, today is her birthday, so wish her a happy one!
Help WFMU continue to make fun and adventurous freeform radio by pledging your support during our annual fundraising Marathon, February 20 thru March 4!

SERPICO vs Gargamel.. Belgium 1996

Justin Borucki / C.R. - 1705

When C.R. decided to do a booklet with the John Lisa LP we recruited our friend Justin Borucki to take some original photos for us. One photo was of a house on Richmond Road.. # 1705. If I remember correctly, Justin took the bus to get the photo(**EDIT: He Rode His Bike***). When he was taking said photo, someone SHOT at him with a BB gun or something to that effect. That's my story.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Big Water Dogs

Here is the 2 volume 2 hour plus set of "Big Water Dogs" songs, featuring the songs and music of Dave Sellitto, and his band Chris Miser (of Serpico), Jason Carter (Sheer Terror/Sangwich), Mike Russo, and appearances by Mike Dossantos (Apache Beat/Barnyard Boys/The Realistic's, and Mike Skinner (Kevin Devine). Jason, Mike and Chris also have original songs throughout.

Dave's songs are a strange lofi blend, kinda like Bob Dylan meets Slayer anthems, majestic and shitty all at once. Spectacular drums by Miser holding it all down. Recorded on 4 track tape back in the mid 90's by Mike Russo, mixed by Alex Armitage and Ron Hill.

Dave would go on to be lead guitar player for Joey Semz, and these recordings inspired Joey immensely.

Dig Deep and DONATE!!

For the past 4 years Paul Bearer has been doing the Autism Speaks NYC walk to raise money for Autism Awareness. Last year he raised well over $7,000 for this great cause. Dig Deep into your pockets and help out!! I know times are tight for everyone, but a little goes a long way. You can also walk along with 
TEAM UGLY this year if you'd like!! The Date is Sunday June 3rd. Get on it!!

Miracle Man (Mark Treboschi, Nick Purpura, Brett Venditti, Scott Stapes, Keith Carney)

Late 90's Staten Island...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dirty Looks - Stiff Records 1980

Band profiles from their classic Power Pop debut on Stiff. The label was also home to acts such as Devo, Elvis Costello & the Attractions, The Damned, The Feelies and The Voidoids.

Click to read the commentary:

Will make an effort to post the whole album another time. For now here's local favorite "Love Crimes"

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Ghost Armada was formed by members of MURDOCK after Elway moved to Richmond VA. We had a studio room and the drive to play music. We just wanted to do something a bit different from what we had been doing. We grabbed Barrett (victims of a drive by) on Bass, McCann jumped on drums and we were off. Dave Witte(Munciple Waste, Human Remains) told us we sounded like AC/DC on Meth...We were OK with that.
2007 Demo:
2009 Demo (unfinished and unmixed):
Soundcloud Stream and Download:
Members of The Ghost Armada have played in:
MURDOCK, Three Steps Up, Faulter, The Cable Car Theory, Serpico, Cattlepress, Victims of a Driveby

NY Atrocity

Lewis Dimmick: "I found this tape on eBay, my old buddy Al Gritz's band, NY Atrocity. I ripped it for anyone who's interested, or remembers Al. Billy Jerome Hamill, you get a shout out in the notes."

Friday, February 17, 2012

S.S.S.P. The Other Stock Market

Open wide, I'm about to shove my beliefs right down your throat.

Go Vegan!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

S.S.S.P./No Resistance split 7"...

From our recent split 7" on Koi Records - Mike D's band on one side, my band on the 'nother side...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Three good lookin guys and a fat Egyptian. . .Check please!!

Cable Car Theory. . .Nakama video and short musing

The video for this song was put together by Mike Fuentes, one of those guys who, for the life of me, I cant understand how we came to be traveling companions on the road of life; but shit am I glad we are. He toured with CCT when we did a few days with Zegota and Brian from Catharsis did spoken word on this tour (Days of War, Nights of Love just came out and this was the tour to promote it). There were many good times, and a photo of me with a 64 ounce soda and a bag of doritos still exists somewhere from this tour. The tour was a good way to define the song. Joey Cingrana had just joined the band prior to the record release for The Deconstruction, and that was huge as he was an old friend whom, despite time and distance, will always be one of the most important people in my life for many reasons. In any case the song was written about friendship, in the spirit of Phallacy's anthem, but particularly about how important my firendship with Todd Currier is, was, and always will be. This band taught me many things. . .about myself, about life, about acting on all these lofty ideas this kind of music presents us with. . .but the most important thing I learned was how quickly the line between friends and family gets blurred and how strong we are because of it. .  .Yeah I had some whiskey after my daughter went to sleep tonight but the sentiment still lives in me. So - for Brian Galvin, Buddy Galvin, Mike Fuentes, Keith Parascondolla, Peter and Nicholas Carlucci, Sean McCann, D Rock Moore, Sharon Stein, Benny Horowitz, Nicholas Gambacorta, Sean Mallinson, Marcel Schultz, Yvonne Zirra, Todd Currier, Brigette Francis and all who sweat it out in one shitty van or another with us here's Mike's video.


I finally activated my account here..... Thanks Ron for the invite. Thanks Anthony for making a bunch of old grumps get back together. I can't wait till next week to look through this. I am going to be packing my computer tonight for my move monday..... wish me luck!!

SSSP - For Life Alternate Mix

I was never really happy with the guitars on "For Life" so one winter while home sick from work for a few days I re recorded them. Then my recording thing crashed and I lost files and decided to be done with that project. Here is what was salvaged:

MEANSTREAK - 2005 Demo

When Kill Your Idols toured California in 2005, I was christened with the nickname Meanstreak because of my good nature and mild manner of course.... I spent a couple of hours alone in the rehearsal room one night after that tour and here is what happened.
The song titles are
The Swedish Speak English to the Polish
Seven Seven One
Playing Fifty Two Pickup With an Australian Pedophile's Teeth

CATTLEPRESS: Showered in the Love of the Abhorer EP

Ed Ortiz and Co. killed it with this release. A hybrid style of crust punk and sludge swimming in a sonic cacophony of white noise. A masterpiece of the genre.

CATTLEPRESS: Agoraphobic Nosebleed Split (Bovine Records)

CELEBRITY MURDERS "Time to Kill Space" LP & Live @ CBGB


PHALLACY "Day After Day" Demo


Unbridled Energy was pre-ENRAGE. This was the first original song the band wrote... not sure what we were going for here as it's all over the place but it's still an interesting documentation of what was soon to come, as you will hear some familiar stuff in there I'm sure. This was from a rehearsal at Soundcraft Studios on Bradley Avenue.

LAST LAUGH - 1990 Demo

Last Laugh was my first real band. Real in as much as we rehearsed regularly, did recordings, and played shows. The band started in 3rd period lunch in 1987 at Wagner High School by a bunch of StraightEdge kids and Ended in 1990. I was the only original member by that time, although the final lineup of Mara, Anthony, Charlie and myself was consistent for the last 2 years of the band. We recorded this at Redline studios onto adat tapes... they were like betamax tapes.. bizarre... Well, here is the last recording we did...

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C.R. Photos

MALCOLM'S LOST "Sustain" 7" Artwork

Since the songs are already posted on the site I figured I would add the artwork as well 

MUDDFOOT - "Someone Has Taken Your Boots" (Studio & Live Versions)

blood.stone.burn. recording session

We recorded 3 songs at TJs Mother's house for an ep that was supposed to be on Tragic Life Records but never came out. These songs are not mixed, and in track 2 there is even some scratch guitar coming through towards the end. The intro is Adam Mazy's little sister... she's probably almost 30 now... but anyway, she wanted to be on our record so we let her sing a song. I couldn't remember the names of these songs.. but thanks to Andrew Zito here they are... Track 1 is "Separate" Track 2 is called "Find The Sun" and Track 3 is "Galveston" featuring good old John Lisa... track 4 was live at the wave and has a live version of "Separate" into a song called "Pulley"... This band was a lot of fun for the few months we existed.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Stapes Is Dead 1994 (2012 Remaster+Bonus)

Here is Stapes is Dead, from 1994. Remastered by Ron Hill in 2012. Not for the faint! Featuring the appearances of 1994 line up of Muddfoot thru out!

Garrison. . .an E history. . sort of

Garrison was an experiment from day one that was plagued by my mental instability. The music was a result of my near obsession with Dag Nasty and my new found love for bands like Falling Foward and Guilt. Anthony Pernice was probably on par with the best players ever in terms of his ability to play and I had a handful of songs I wanted to see the light of day.  . .put us together in a room in his parents basement with too much soda, many records (cd's there really), and not enough video games and these things happened. John Lisa and Rob Marinelli were huge in helping us settle down and focus a little in terms of songwriting, and as I didnt think technical playing ability was all that important at this point, when Jay Fergusson joined the band it was probably a sigh of relief for Rob (who always was on me to get tighter as a player) as Jay was a timing machine as a guitar player. Im sure that Joey Martin playing in 26 bands at the time didnt help but the demise of this project was on me. . .I shit the bed with these guys but was fortunately able to reconcile with them at the first Phallacy re-union. Garrison - 1995 to 1997. I have fuuny stories, will post in a "funny tour story" blog

Malcolm's Lost playing Staten Island's Rock Palace in 1992

Overnight Delivery & Last Laugh Live (Feb.1989)

Mike D (Last Laugh) making the introduction to Overnight Delivery and Last Laugh playing live at a "top secret location" in February of 1989, Staten Island, New York...

Infind's Last Show


Sept. 1997
The Joint

1) Soul Song B
2) Gift
3) Invisible
4) Miggy's
5) Kid in the room
6) Hard to explain
7) Those people and angels

Performed by:
David Campo - Vocals/Guitar
Enrico Arcaro - Guitar
Robert Marinelli - Bass
James Federico - Drums/Percussion
Kevin Devine - Vocals/Guitar

Recorded by Andrew C. Huebler

Sarcasm - 4 Song Demo


Damaged @The Red Spot; 1991. (Brian Windsor, Dave Platt, Dave Sellitto & Scott 'Stapes')

ForceBack - Live @ the Rock palace


Saturday, February 11, 2012


Hearing this again makes me want to kill you!! I hear these guys are back with a new lineup... Fucking BRUTAL!

Organized Confusion - Hardcore Fanzine from 1986

I wish I still had my original copy, but this is some cool old school shit right here!! Interviews with Agnostic Front, Straight ahead and NJ Blood Lust (later Blood Feast)
Read it here: http://demo-tapes.blogspot.com/2009/12/organized-confusion-julyaugust-1986.html

43 MURDOCK Tracks (updated Discography)

Updated MURDOCK Discography. Thanks to this page I've been able to go back and really listen to my own band something that i have neglected to do in some time now. Point is that i am very proud of the work as a whole and the growth we showed. Ray Reres, Robert Marinelli, Samuel Peralta, Sean McCann, Gregory "Elway" Ernst, Bryan Wagner, and Frank Stapes shared some great times and wonderful memo...ries. We pissed off alot of people and each other at times. Staten Island folk for the more part did not like us at all, but we played what we wanted to play. Always the first band to show up and the last band to leave we got known as "The Murdock Fraternity" every city we showed up in we rolled with our own fun. Some of us have grown apart and i hope everyone who shared in this band can look back with the fondness that i have. Our own Gang, Our own Frat, OUR OWN NOISE!

Turbo Chicken Head: No Introduction Necessary


...well an introduction might be necessary. Turbo Chicken Head was a band created by DJ Robot Monster, myself, and Alex Armitage in the late 1980's early 90's, we primarily recorded weird triphop on my 4 track!

DJ Robot Monster got the name when he used to drive home from collage. There was a graffitied up overpass in Pennsylvania, on one column it  said "Chickenhead" and the next one it said "Tubro".

Ownership of the name went with DJ Robot Monster, when he joined forces with "The Freak MC's", the band over time consisting of Jason "Johnny Favorite" Carter, Scotty Stapes, Nick Purpura, Chris Miser, David Platt, Mike Dosantos, Mike Russo, Mike Runner, and Ron Hill. I believe all in all, they played 3 or 4 shows in 1992/93.

Turbo Chicken Head: The Maggots Of Time

Phallacy: Reach

Courtesy of Mike Haun

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Serpico/Three Steps Up 7 Inch


From The Files Of The World's Greatest Sinner

Mutt: Yuck!


From The Files Of The World's Greatest Sinner!

Max Remo: Doin It Right!


From The Files Of The World's Greatest Sinner