Thursday, February 23, 2012

Big Water Dogs

Here is the 2 volume 2 hour plus set of "Big Water Dogs" songs, featuring the songs and music of Dave Sellitto, and his band Chris Miser (of Serpico), Jason Carter (Sheer Terror/Sangwich), Mike Russo, and appearances by Mike Dossantos (Apache Beat/Barnyard Boys/The Realistic's, and Mike Skinner (Kevin Devine). Jason, Mike and Chris also have original songs throughout.

Dave's songs are a strange lofi blend, kinda like Bob Dylan meets Slayer anthems, majestic and shitty all at once. Spectacular drums by Miser holding it all down. Recorded on 4 track tape back in the mid 90's by Mike Russo, mixed by Alex Armitage and Ron Hill.

Dave would go on to be lead guitar player for Joey Semz, and these recordings inspired Joey immensely.

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