Thursday, February 9, 2012


I broke into the vault tonight and unearthed some tapes I had thought were lost forever....

I will give them a listen and try to digitize them next week..

Classic shit including:

Last Laugh : Rehearsal 1987
Last Laugh : 1990 Demo
Eviscerate Demo
blood.stone.burn.: ep session
blood.stone.burn. : live @ the wave
Unbridled Energy : 1987 rehearsal
and more......


  1. The Blood Stone Burn Live at The Wave that from the Backroom Bar? If so, I may have that on DAT tape, which I can make a better rip from and would probably sound better than off a cassette.

  2. Yes it is... From what I listened to it sounds really good but only the 1st 2 songs of the set are listenable because we played completely out of tune for the rest of the set haha