Friday, February 10, 2012

SLEEPER / SERPICO - Random tour photos

On Tour With Stand Up 1993... R.I.P. Paul, Andy and of course, our brother Al

Somewhere in Canada 1993
Mount Rushmore 1993 - Japanese Tourists
1992 European Tour Posters
In Germany with Mind Over Matter 1994
In Germany with JAWBOX 1994
In Germany with Al 1992 R.I.P., Brother
Tire Blow Out Near Seattle 199something
1996 European Tour Van NY FARTCORE

Somewhere in Europe 1996 DISCODISCO!

1996 Helicopter landing on the autobahn

1996 European Tour Posters
Team Dresch Slept there! 1996 Germany

Euro-Wally World was CLOSED! 1996
Marc and Niser counting in Euro Merch 1996

TJ "dunking" in Seattle 199something

Vin Higgins somewhere in California..

Either Goleta or San Diego w/ Vin Higgins

The tour van "room" under the loft

New Mexico?

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