Some tips for SIHC authors

First off, if you wish to join, contact me thru the group on Facebook. If I don't know you, or the panel of experts do not know you I will probably decline, as this is a board devoted to well, Staten Island Hardcore (and related sub-scenes) of the past 30 years.

Posting tips

When you set up a post be sure you do the following and refer to the enclosed image.

1. Give your post a title, right up at the top center of the screen.

2. Add some labels to your post (over on the right). This will make your post searchable by content. Say if you are doing a post about "Tryptophan", add a label for it, and for any relevant, persons, places or things.

3. Type up your basic story in "Compose" upper left hand.

4. If you wish to add html (like you might get from divshare or youtube), select the html mode (right next to compose) and switch back to compose after adding said code.

5. There is no five. Its late and the laundry is almost done

6. There are also other options on the top for typesetting adding photos and videos etc. Try em out.

7. When you feel you are done, hit the preview button, to see what your post will look like.

8. If satisfied hit "publish". You can always edit your posts later, add more info or links as they become available.

Divshare tips

I like to use divshare to post content, its easy to use, can make playable playlists etc. When posting a divshare playlist, select the song you want  people to hear first from divshare and grab the embed html code from that page to add here. I noticed some issues with divshare unless you do it that way.

Youtube Requests

If you have a youtube account, please try to create a SIHC playlist of all your favorites, and then send me a link of the playlist. I will add to the SIHC TV section.

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