Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Staten Island Hardcore...

...these are the people who were important / influential to me as a young kid getting into the hardcore scene and later on as well

John Lisa - DIY GOD.. Our Music Center Guru... Guitarist Extraordinaire... Show booking maniac
Billy Hamill - Radio Show Genius... Amazing Vocallist
Terre Telenko - Our Music Center Heroine...RadioMaven
John Telenko - Our Music Center Hero...
Lew The Fixer Dimmick - Early tape trading penpal... OUR GANG... Radio Show Master
Tom Colomara - Skinhead Extraordinaire...
Mike Catricola.. OK he was from Brooklyn.. he gets props anyway.. got me into Hardcore full on
Vanessa & Laura - Best SIA radio show ever!
Jeff & Marco Altieri - Booked every one of your bands when no one else would
Freedom - THE JOINT - Nuff Said!

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