Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cable Car Theory. . .Nakama video and short musing

The video for this song was put together by Mike Fuentes, one of those guys who, for the life of me, I cant understand how we came to be traveling companions on the road of life; but shit am I glad we are. He toured with CCT when we did a few days with Zegota and Brian from Catharsis did spoken word on this tour (Days of War, Nights of Love just came out and this was the tour to promote it). There were many good times, and a photo of me with a 64 ounce soda and a bag of doritos still exists somewhere from this tour. The tour was a good way to define the song. Joey Cingrana had just joined the band prior to the record release for The Deconstruction, and that was huge as he was an old friend whom, despite time and distance, will always be one of the most important people in my life for many reasons. In any case the song was written about friendship, in the spirit of Phallacy's anthem, but particularly about how important my firendship with Todd Currier is, was, and always will be. This band taught me many things. . .about myself, about life, about acting on all these lofty ideas this kind of music presents us with. . .but the most important thing I learned was how quickly the line between friends and family gets blurred and how strong we are because of it. .  .Yeah I had some whiskey after my daughter went to sleep tonight but the sentiment still lives in me. So - for Brian Galvin, Buddy Galvin, Mike Fuentes, Keith Parascondolla, Peter and Nicholas Carlucci, Sean McCann, D Rock Moore, Sharon Stein, Benny Horowitz, Nicholas Gambacorta, Sean Mallinson, Marcel Schultz, Yvonne Zirra, Todd Currier, Brigette Francis and all who sweat it out in one shitty van or another with us here's Mike's video.

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