Saturday, February 11, 2012

43 MURDOCK Tracks (updated Discography)

Updated MURDOCK Discography. Thanks to this page I've been able to go back and really listen to my own band something that i have neglected to do in some time now. Point is that i am very proud of the work as a whole and the growth we showed. Ray Reres, Robert Marinelli, Samuel Peralta, Sean McCann, Gregory "Elway" Ernst, Bryan Wagner, and Frank Stapes shared some great times and wonderful memo...ries. We pissed off alot of people and each other at times. Staten Island folk for the more part did not like us at all, but we played what we wanted to play. Always the first band to show up and the last band to leave we got known as "The Murdock Fraternity" every city we showed up in we rolled with our own fun. Some of us have grown apart and i hope everyone who shared in this band can look back with the fondness that i have. Our own Gang, Our own Frat, OUR OWN NOISE!

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