Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I will never forget the day John Lisa walked into Jim Hanley's Universe to ask me to go to Europe playing guitar for SLEEPER. I was only supposed to be filling in for that tour. Little did I know that would change my life as I knew it FOREVER. When I got home from that first tour I was convinced I was quitting music forever... That was 1992 and since then I have toured the world multiple times with various bands, performing for countless thousands of people, making new friends.. many of which are still friends today. None of that would have been possible though if I hadn't been lucky enough to been asked to join SLEEPER that day. SLEEPER / SERPICO are arguably one of the most important bands (if not THE most important) to ever come off of Staten Island. JL and company were bringing friends' bands through town all the time that no one had heard before.. many Island bands benefited from SERPICO's friendships, contacts and experiences through influence as well as being taken on tours and booked onto shows that may not have been available to them before.

The band recorded 4 LPs and about 20 Million singles, splits and compilation tracks.

Here is some of that music for you to enjoy....

Preparing Today for Tomorrow's Breakdown - Excursion Records

This was the first LP I recorded with the band. It was an amazing experience. Recorded entirely in TJ's mother's house by Bill Stevenson (Black Flag, The Descendents, All) and Stephen Egerton (The Descendents, All) in just about a week on a tight budget. An unforgettable experience indeed. JL had taken over vocals for this LP.  Also included on the CD version (uploaded here) is The band's first LP "Time and Tide" as well as Tracks from the "More or Less" ep
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Feel Bad Rainbow - Equal Vision Records

The band's first LP on Equal Vision Records. Bigger recording budget... AWFUL recording experience. The engineer was like a fifty something year old Wayne and Garth smushed into one character who didn't get us AT ALL. By the time we were leaving for another US tour the mixes still weren't done and we had him mailing them to us on the road... Nightmare. Some of the best songs we did were on this record though. This was Apple's vocal return to the band.
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Rumble - Equal Vision Records

This record was fun to record. Producer Ray Martin worked us like animals.This was the last release I played on. We recorded all of the music in one studio then did vocals and mixing in Susanne Vega's studio...oooh fancy. This was our 1st record with Chris Niser on drums and saw JL taking over vocal duties again. When we toured for this record JL only did vocals and Young Dave played guitar.
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The Weakest Boy In The Troop Award - Excursion Records

This CD was a compilation of Singles, splits, compilation and rare tracks. Fun.
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  1. Thanks Mick D, glad to have you here!

  2. You're welcome! Great to be here.

  3. The link to "Rumble" appears to be down :(

  4. all i can say is Preparing Today.. Inspiring. Hit after hit after hit.

  5. Hi! I'm having some trouble downloading "Preparing today(...)", one of my all time fav HC albums! Could you please post another download link for it???