Tuesday, March 27, 2012

KETHER / PROM KING aka The Ben Knight Years

After C.R. broke up I had a cache of songs and nothing to do with them. Over time I wound up playing in a couple of short lived bands with some great people. Ben Knight sang for both of these bands.

KETHER was a chaotic Hardcore band. We only played one show in PA. I played guitar, Ben Knight was on Vocals, and the best rhythm section in Hardcore, Arron and Jeff formerly of The Judas Iscariot (now in Two Man Advantage) on Drums and Bass respectively. Some of the parts of these songs became Celebrity Murders songs years later. I don't remember the song titles .. I think one was Super Buffet and another was Emulate Concrete...but don't hold me to that.

PROM KING was a project I started with Ben Knight and Brian Meehan both on vocals, Dan Crowell on Drums and Chris Russo on Bass. It was sort of a more chaotic Drive Like Jehu vibe. We did a bunch of shows and played on WNYU .. I would love a copy of that tape...This rehearsal is sans Brian, as he was on tour with Milhouse at the time. Again, I don't remember most of the song titles.. There was one called Pipe Bomb Pin Prick and another called How's The Pink Noodle...

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