Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bricks, MikeD and Tone - Morning Ritual

A few years ago I went to the studio with Anthony Corallo (Sick of Talk / Disnihil / Sleepwall / Polygon / Sheer Terror / Concrete Cross) and recorded 9 songs. Ron Grimaldi of Leech Implant and Deathcycle is going to record vocals on some of the songs and Bricks Avalon will do the rest. Here is one of the track with Bricks on vocals... he didn't even use a microphone he just screamed at his laptop.. I wish I had that on video

(The painful everyday awakening and realizing you are dying more and more)

I rot.
I decay,
I wither away.
I attempt to wash the pain of the years down the drain.
I wonder. I wish.
How much more time can be explored like this.

Chaos controls this mind, passion is slapped like a piece of shit.
Dreams seem to swirl in a downward spiral, drowning in darkness gone viral.

Flesh wrinkles, memory flushes, aching, aging, slow torture and exiting life.
Strength is dismantled with speed, the rebuilding and maintenance is a
furious fight against time.

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